AHA een Indiase nevenvestiging van AGA

Mangrol is about is 85 km east of Porbandar on the coastal highway.The region has a very good plantation of coconut palms.Prior to independence Mangrol was a Shaikhdom – Shaikh Bin Taj was the first in 1398 appointed as Deputy to Viceroy of Emperor at Mangrol. His heirs lost authority to Foujdar of Junagadh in 1592.It was gained in 1749 by Shaikh Mian who ousted Maratha Thana and other rivals.His descendants Ruled Mangrol till 1947 when they joined the Indian Union. Mangrol port was developed by providing a break water and other infrastructures. As many as 164 crafts called at the port every year during the early 20th century. This brought tremendous prosperity to the region. The steamers bound for Porbandar touched this port also. The first light at Mangrol port was exhibited in 1877 from a masonry column in the port remises. This light was shifted in 1880 onto the top of the newly constructed port Building. It was the oil lamp in an ordinary lantern. A dioptric equipment was provided in 1939, but the light continued to be a fixed light. The revolving optic was introduced at the Lighthouse in 1954. The electricity for the system was generated by agenerating set installed in the same building. The system functioned satisfactorily for more than two decades. During 1977-78 a new Lighthouse at a site about half a km East of the port was planned. It was completed in 1985. The PRB-21 equipment was installed on the new RCC tower and was commissioned into service on 25th March 1986.





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