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It is installation of tanks in Riga, Latvia. RAKUS Hospita

Schneider Electronic Latvia –

neskatoties uz laika apstākļiem un nepārtraucot ražošanas procesu šodien tika upgreidots mūsu laimīgais klients,

tika uzlikta lielāka 27m3, N2 tvertne. Novēlam veiksmīgu ražošanas procesu! — in Riga

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Ts Baltic meeting 2015

O2 Uzpildes brīdis

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O2 Uzpildes brīdis




Tomorrow will be hp tank testing for 100 bars with water tank is from finland



AGA Opens the Most Modern Gas Filling Station in the Baltics

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On the 13th of September there was an opening ceremony at the Zaķumuiža Industrial Park in Ropaži District, Latvia. It is the most modern filling station in the Baltic region for industrial, medical, food gases and will supply Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The production process at the new plant will be highly automated and environmentally friendly. Efficient utilisation of the plant’s capacity will facilitate optimisation of deliveries to customers which will henceforth be based on new logistics principles, optimal transport unit workloads and gas cylinder operations. The newly established plant will enable AGA to produce and fill products with high added value e.g. odorized oxygen ODOROX®, various helium mixtures, dry ice and MISON Master gas.

Daniels Pavļuts, Latvian Minister of Economics
“I hope that the growth of AGA in Latvia will not cease with this project and that the company will continue to make investments in the Latvian economy. We are very pleased that businesses are making investments in the establishment of new plants and jobs, offering the market competitive, innovative and high value added products.”

Jan Bäckvall, Head of Region Europe North
“This inauguration is a major milestone in our Business development in the Baltic region. It is the second biggest investment we have done in Latvia and the Baltic countries. We have the fortune to have had all these necessary components in place and are pleased to announce that the plant was built with no serious accidents, within budget and with the specified functionality. Now Latvia and the Baltic region have a modern cylinder supply system that will serve the business development in the region in the best possible way.”

Olavs Kiecis, Head of Marketing and Sales in the Baltic States
“I hope that the products and services offered by our new plant will also inspire new achievements on the part of our customers who will not only appreciate our products, but also our fast and efficient deliveries. We will achieve this by implementing modern logistics principles just as production of industrial and medical gases under one roof will enable us to increase the overall efficiency of the whole company.”

The new plant will employ 30 people. The project received € 2.4 million co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund.

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