johan johansson part 4

AGA photo`s from Johan Johansson

Part 4


AGA-plant in Stockvik, Sundsvall


Delivery, stationary pump

AGA-plant Norrköping

Here is AGA Plant Sundsvall, nighttime, august 2018.


Lossning Piteå

Åsså jag då

Emptying tank before visit workshop

Lastning LIC från järnvägsvagn, Piteå

Loading LIC from railway-wagon

My AGA-radio from 1963, yepp it’s working



My truck

Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner. Piteå

My is 24 meter, maximum lenght is 25,25 meters

Hemma efter att ha varit på vägen 10 dgr – –  Nu 10 dgr ledigt

Here i help a farmer tog kill hens

Hi. It’s me again, i was at polarcircle earlier. Now it’s 5 minutes past midnight in Sweden and I am 112 miles South of the polarcircle – –  Look at the Light at the pic

Inga plumpar i protokollet

Poliskontroll Södertälje

Jobbar lite,  Harmånger, Zweden

Just my truck. Skellefteå

last rit

Lastning Södertälje

LIC Stockholm, Sweden. Last loading for this week

LNG-ship  MS-Seagas for loading of other wessels

Loading LIC from railway. North Sweden

Loading plant Södertälje

Looks like nice weather, compare to my place

Lossning LIC

På väg mot Kiruna, Polcirkeln

Passning the polarcircle. At this time of year it never get dark, The sun is up 24hrs a day. The land of midnightsun

Railwayloading in Piteå

Rastplats Sidensjö

Secret place in the woods

Simultaneus unloading, LOX and LIC. Piteå

Ska man göra ngt så ska man väl göra det ordentligt

Swedish LIC-truck. Load-capacity 35.000 kg

Unloading LIC, Northen Sweden

Torsta – –  kanske blandas med att jag vet att det är mitt sista arbetspass här uppe i norr.

Hoppas att ni får en fin kväll allihopa. — bij Bilprovningen

Sundsvall 2018-08-16. My last delivery for AGA Sweden. I’ve had 5 fantastic years, thank you so much, especially to the AGA office in Avesta

This have been my best job so far in my life. Now me and my wife moving to the most beatyful place in Sweden. Gotland

And we’ll start a new lifechapter there. No names, but no one is forgotten. Drive safe and god speed. Love ya’ll. Thank you

First delivery of filled cylinders from AGA new fillingplant in Enköping Sweden

Jobbar lite

Lastning i soluppgång. Norrköping — bij Aga Gasdepå Norlic Norrköping

Tänk va, fyra år sedan man körde första LIC – lasset, nyuppkörd. Med Benny Andersson s bil

Tvättat och syrat fälgar. Nu är det bara hemresan på 4 timmar kvar. Ha en fin helg allihopa. Och ni som jobbar, kör fint

Hi there, everyone..

I’m back..I’m back, at my old company, since november.
Our planes starting a new chapter in life, went a little bit wrong. So moving to the beatyful island, Gotland, is put on holld, well, we can say, movin is put on hold…My dear colleuges, think two times , when you fall down in this deep hole, when work sucks…..deliver gas is the best fuxxxng job we can have, that’s how i feel anyway.?? But i’m curios in one thing, if i want to be a Lindedriver in, for exampel, Austria, how’m doing, ??? Someone who know? Is it a company outside Linde , that’s own the trucks, like here in Sweden..

God speed to ya’ll.

Ans summer

Autumn morning in Dalarna, Sweden

Dalarna, Sweden

First delivery of today

Loading LOXL

Sweden, north part. Winter

Cold morning in Dalarna, Sweden

Delivery of MEDLOX to one of the biggest hospital in Sweden. Sunny and nice autumm Day

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