geodimeter documentatie

Documentatie geodimeter

1 instruments switch
2 instruments meter
3 zero adjustment knob
4 coarse sight
5 head traverse and elevation screws
6 pull-out eyepiece for target observation
7 centre sighting switch
8 focussing knob
9 frequency switch
10 fhase switch
11 lamp 0ff/on switch
12 light sensitivity control
13 delay dial
14 zero or null indicator
15 laver for calibration mirror
16 geodimeter head with removable tribrach

1 transmitting optic
2 variable aperture
3 kerr cell adjustment screw with locking ring ( ring to be fully locked to prevent movement in the kerr cell after adjustment)
4 lamp carriage adjustment screw for lateral movement
5 lamp screw with locking ring for transverse movement
6 kerr cell capacitor control
7 calibration minnors