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Homma hallinnassa

Yes The station is working okay

AGA Logic Module


First step is filling with LIN before LOX

First step is filling with LIN before LOX

Totta, hiki tuli myös happilaitoksella

Mission accomplished

Tank Computer -TC- is today called Seccura service

AGA -we- testing mixer at -80 century

TC600s light treatment going on

Last monday, Just visited the workshop after a long time

My AGA lab 17 years ago – –  Also TC600S and TC504

TC600S is AGA tank computer that I have repaired and serviced for many years.

I have all circuit diagrams and sparepart components.

Guite complex but working well. Not anymore for new installations.

Ei sitten yhtään isompia

Tätä voisin sanoa tehokkaaksi työpisteeksi

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