……AGA auto PER-A1H…..


De AGA auto PER-A1H

Radio Oldtimer berichtete über Heidi Hetzer‘s Weltreise im 80Jahre alten Oldtimer, einem Hudson Great Eight

AGA (or A.G.A.) is short for ‘Aktiengesellschaft für Automobilbau’, a company from Berlin. This name was used from 1920 on. Before, starting in 1915, it was ‘Autogen-Gas-Akkumulator-AG’ with the same acronym. The first car, the ‘AGA Typ A 6/16 PS’ was first built in 1919 and was very edgy. It was followed by the ‘AGA Typ C 6/20 PS’ in 1921 with a more conventional roundish body. Later (year not known to me) the pointed radiator grille was exchanged for a flat one.

The roundish wings and body make this a Typ C, early version.

Een deelnemer uit Duitsland met de zeldzame AGA voertuig merk, jaar 1924