LNG scandinavie

LNG Scandinavie




AGA’s investment in LNG is the largest investment in gas power in Sweden













Sweden’s AGA Gas

Sweden’s AGA Gas and the Viking Line are celebrating the 1,000th LNG bunkering of the ferry Viking Grace





AGA Gas AB har tecknat ett avtal med Scana Steel Björneborg AB gällande leverans av naturgas

AGA GAS AB to deliver its Blue Corridor LNG and LCNG station equipment at a

Cryostar-LNG-LCNG-in-Sweden in  located in Örebro


AGA kundområde New Businesses. Koldioxidtankning. 2000 zweden

LNG-tankstation – Scana Steel i Söderfors Zweden


  biogas Stokholm






AGA har tecknat ett flerårigt avtal med dalaföretaget Icell gällande leverans av flytande naturgas

Icell vloeibaar aardgas, Kista







fordonsgas i Älvsjö Zweden

LNG Växjö

oksygenanlegg Sogn og Fjordane







Bio Gas Zweden







Utilising swap-bodies for biogas distribution means that there must be a parking space available for at least one mobile gas storage at the gas fuelling station. This parking space requires a concrete slab with cast-in steel reinforcement. Also, there must be access to upright pole with filling and refuelling equipment, possibly equipped with wind and rain shields to minimise exposure to harsh weather. The parking place may also have to be shielded with appropriate fire resistant walls, depending on the rules and requirements stipulated by the regulatory authorities. Truck transports with steel swap-bodies is a common form of compressed biogas distribution in Sweden today, 2011, where there is lack of a pipeline infrastructure and since the market for production and distribution of LBG is still under development.









gasmack stor Stockholm.

Seagas in Stockholm.

LNG bunkering, by AGA trucks, of Viking Grace in Stockholm

LNG bunkering

LNG bunkering

AGA heeft in Oslo een LNG station geopend

AGA heeft in Oslo een LNG station geopend