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catherinebulgaryna – Welcome to the new Business Service Centre of AGA

mimi_lvs – AGA BSC birthday party  Tallinn

stiivixWorry –  less, paddle more

mariimartinsonGas –  24-7 self-service point opened

mariimartinson – Ready, steady… 🏁 A final step to go and we’re almost there with launching the new 24-7 gaspoint in Männiku,

Tallinn. To be continued

houseofaga – Greetings from the Estonian team with Kalev, Arvo, Rando, Reigo, Peep, Joonas,

Mirjam, Tarvi, Merje, Krister, Krista and Tiina J


mariimartinson – Learning safety through practice, Maardu

houseofaga – BSC Tallinn

Congratulations –  to Marina Knosh in our Tallinn office who won the Holiday challenge!

Read our motivation in the #houseofaga Tallinn

houseofaga – Looks empty, but full of many wonderful people Tallinn

houseofaga – Overly nice wrapup of the year with colleagues Tallinn

houseofaga – The house is warming for the new name launch Tallinn

julija – timelessband • Tallinn, Estonia

kaisamarieriikka –  customerservice businessservicecenter Tallinn

mariimartinson –  Easter bunny visited the office and brought some eggs for tapping

mariimartinson – AGA Christmas Chess Challenge. Accepted Tallinn

The extended REN sparkling team@team gathering in Tallinn. The journey continues. Exciting opportunities ahead


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