gustaf dalen part 4

Gustaf Dalèn

part 4

Syskonen Dalén AGA´s Grundare Gustaf Dalén och Skoglund år 1900

AGA ljus ritad

De fiets, door Gustaf uitgevonden toen hij 16 was

Gustaf Dalén – Kasunfyr. Uppförd 166 – gjord på träbeklädd spånplatta och ram av ströläkt. Levererad 2016

 Dalén developed a method for emitting short flashes of light, thereby reducing gas consumption for light houses and buoys. He lost his sight in 1912 in an accidental explosion in connection with an experiment but remained active as an industrial leader. The accident forced him to stay at home, where he subsequently discovered that his wife became exhausted by cooking. He then invented the AGA cooker, a new type of user-friendly stove that was capable of a range of culinary techniques.